Wild Woman Portraits

Reconnect with the beauty of nature & celebrate your unique, beautiful, wild self!


Working with film photographer Michaela Meadow, we will journey to the wild places. Prepare for a transformational experience, guiding you to return to your own divine feminine essence; an immersive creative collaboration that will connect all your senses back to nature.


We will choose a location suggested either by me or one that holds a special significance to yourself. The photo adventure will take around two-hours.


You will receive minimum 20 beautiful photos of yourself, to use personally, or on your website.

Michaela made me feel very comfortable during our shooting because her style of working is very calm and considerate. I could relax into her creativity and trust that the outcome will be even more beautiful than I had visualized it. I feel very beautiful in all of the pictures and that’s very rare for me.
— Laura Hirch
Michaela’s work has always spoken to me. After getting her book of photographs ‘An Island Muse’, I was inspired to commission a photoshoot. Michaela easily picked up on a rather abstract explanation of what I wanted and we brainstormed the idea, went to get the props and to a beautiful location, chosen by Michaela beforehand. Being a shy, inexperienced model, and a first-time commissioner of a photoshoot, I, surprisingly for myself, felt very at ease while being photographed. Michaela was very helpful and understanding and gave me freedom to just be myself while still gently directing to create aesthetically pleasing and beautiful shots, retaining her tender, subtle style that celebrates mystical femininity. The result was a collection of beautiful photographs that I will cherish. The whole experience helped me explore and view myself from a different point of view, which was very refreshing and transforming. Michaela has an immaculate taste and “feels” photographs before they are taken; she creates a safe space between herself and the model which allows to relax and be yourself during the photoshoot. Michaela’s photos are reminders of how beautiful a genuine, vulnerable, naked self can be.
— Daria Hlazatova

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£180 / 200 euro / $300 AUD per session

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